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Lady Dye Yarns, LLC – Diane Ivey


  Entrepreneur Profile: Lady Dye Yarns, LLC For the last decade, Diane Ivey has been a knitter. In 2010, she turned her passion into an eco-friendly yarn business that creates vibrant and colorful hand-painted yarns and accessories that are inspired by street art. Diane was a finalist in the 2013 Sandbox Summer Accelerator. Since then, she been [..]

Balefire Labs–Karen Mahon

Entrepreneur Profile: Balefire Labs With over 100,000 educational apps, Sandbox Accelerator Finalist Karen Mahon saw an opportunity to create a service that changes how teachers and parents find and select mobile device educational apps for their students and children. Balefire Labs provides a Consumer Reports-like subscription service that rates apps for impact on student learning outcomes [..]

99Degrees Custom– Brenna Nan Schneider

Entrepreneur Profile: 99Degrees Custom Sandbox Entrepreneur is looking to manufacture the next American Industrial Revolution! Brenna Nan Schneider has worked all around the world in manufacturing, economic development, and women’s empowerment. She first came to the Merrimack Valley to work for an apparel manufacturing company that empowered single moms. “While, I was there, I really [..]

Mino by Paraware, LLC–Aaron Burke & Russ Queen

Entrepreneur Profile: ParaWare, LLC Aaron Burke and Russ Queen have developed a device that will change the running shoe industry forever!     What is mino? The mino by ParaWare, LLC is a shoe sensor that automatically tracks the wear of your running shoe and shows you when it is worn out so you can change [..]

Mill City Grows–Lydia Sisson & Francey Hart Slater

Entrepreneur Profile: Mill City Grows Lydia Sisson and Francey Slater are starting a green revolution! Their organization Mill City Grows is using food as a tool to connect the community of Lowell. What is Mill City Grows? Lydia: Mill City Grows is an organization in Lowell that fosters food justice through creating urban food production [..]

Women’s Path to Employment (WPTE)–Sabrina Boggio

Entrepreneur Profile: Women’s Path to Employment (WPTE) Lawrence Entrepreneur Helps Unemployed Women Dress for Success It seems like every day the headlines read that the unemployment rate is on the rise. While government officials and the private sector scramble to think of national policy to combat this problem, there are individuals taking this challenge into their [..]

FOB Lifestyle & Apparel–Ricky Orng & Sopheak Sam

Entrepreneur Profile: FOB Lifestyle & Apparel The word FOB (“fresh off the boat”) is often used as a derogatory term for immigrants in this country. Ricky Orng and Sopheak Sam are trying to redefine the word in a positive light through fashion! Drawn from their Southeast Asian roots where war and genocide has left a cultural black hole, these entrepreneurs [..]

Alphamatician– Floyd Greenwood

Entrepreneur Profile: Alphamatician Floyd Greenwood has always been fascinated by data! His company Alphamatician aims to sift through large amounts of publicly available social data and other large data-sets to find investment insights. Floyd hopes to tap into this multi-billion dollar market! What is Alphamatician? Alphamatician provides a way for investors to incorporate vast amounts of social data and other big data [..]

Lawrence Yoga Collective–Bill Peregoy

Entrepreneur Profile: Lawrence Yoga Collective There are a lot of misconceptions out there about yoga. Some people feel it’s just for the rich. Others think it’s for hippies or those who are super religious. To me, yoga is for everyone. I got into it when I was trying to rehabilitate from a running injury. I [..]

Operation Delta Dog–Trisha Blanchet

Entrepreneur Profile: Operation Delta Dog Chelmsford Mom Fights for our Veterans The numbers are alarming. One U.S veteran commits suicide every eighty minutes. Some of our servicemen and women go all around the world and fight to protect our liberties and then come home to fight illnesses such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic [..]