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Biena Foods Takes Top Prize at Second Pitch Contest!

On June 21, 2012, the Entrepreneur Program held its second pitch contest at the Middlesex Community College Theater in Lowell, MA! Eight entrepreneur finalists squared off and shared their arts, crafts, and consumer products ideas in front of five judges and over one-hundred audience members. The event was hosted by Susan Halter, the Executive Director of the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL).

New components to the pitch contest included the “Fan Favorite” category and the “Wildcard Selection”. Audience members had the opportunity to text in their votes to pick their “Fan Favorite”. The “Wildcard Selection” was for entrepreneurs who entered the contest, but did not make it into the finals. They had the opportunity to enter in a random drawing where if their name was picked, they would be called on the spot to pitch their idea for the top prizes! 

Below you will find a list of the winners, guest judges, and final presenters!

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1st Place ($1000)-Biena Foods





2nd Place ($750)-Fire Drops, LLC (Wildcard Selection)






3rd Place ($500) and Fan Favorite ($500)-Dapper Diaper Delivery

Guest Judges


Final Presenters

Biena Foods

A line of all-natural, roasted chickpea snacks in sweet, savory and salty flavors. One
serving has as much protein as a small egg, and nearly 25% of your daily value of fiber!

Dapper Diaper Delivery

Disposable diapers tax natural resources, fill landfills, and expose babies to harsh toxins. Dapper Diaper Delivery provides families with rental, pick-up, delivery, and cleaning of re-usable cloth diapers in the greater Merrimack Valley.

Fire Drops, LLC

Organic cough drops made from Cayenne pepper. It not only relieves your sore throat, but attacks the virus that is causing it.


Artisans in the developing world have unique craft skills, but no access to the global supply chain. IndieCraft is an online platform that connects artisans in developing countries around the world to consumers in the global marketplace.


Fair trade high-end cosmetics company that has developed Argan oil, a facial moisturizer and anti-ager that comes from a tree that only grows in Morocco.

Know Key(tm)

Millions of people lock themselves out of cars every year! The Know Key ™ device is wired and secured into your car door and actuated using the existing door handle to insert an access code. Once you put in your access code, your car will open!

Tear & Wipe

This product is an alternative to paper towels and Kleenex! The Tear and Wipe is post it note sized antiseptic absorbent sheets attached to each that can be easily torn off and disposed of. It can be used in a variety of instances including to remove excess blood from a finger of a Diabetes patient after testing or removing body fluid or unwanted material (i.e ketchup) from ones hand or face.


Created the “Portable Hoody”, a fashionable head accessory that you can wear over your head or around your neck. This product promotes individually in that each hoody has its own unique design and sustainability in that each hoody is made from recyclable materials such as used t-shirts.