Entrepreneur Past Events / 2013 High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest

High Growth/Tech Pitch Contest


On Thursday, May 9, we held our High Growth Tech Pitch Contest at the Offices of Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico (MFA) in Tewksbury, MA. Read about the event details below!



First Place ($1000) & Fan – Favorite ($500) – Aaron Burke & Russ Queen, mino


Second Place ($750) – Philip Colangelo, Robotic Feeding Arm


Third Place ($500) – Nick Zeckets, QuadWrangle, Inc. 




Aaron Burke & Russ Queen - mino by ParaWare LLC
Shoe accessory that tracks the wear of running shoes




robotic arm


Philip Colangelo – Robotic Feeding Arm
Robotic feeding arm device that gives individuals with debilitating physical or mental condition the ability to eat a meal themselves



new england analog


Robie Currier - New England Analog
Keyboard controllers for musical instruments, that incorporate non-traditional methods of controlling music synthesizers




top notch


Joanna de Pena - Top Notch Network
Social network platform that creates scholarships for students – primarily inner city students




career rings


Margot Rutledge - Career Rings
Web-based platform that gives college students and recent college graduates dynamic, hands-on skill building process that gives them the knowledge, practice and experience necessary to effectively land a job and navigate their careers





Nick Zeckets - QuadWrangle, Inc.
App that complements existing alumni management tools for America’s colleges & universities with content and engagement tools to drive alumni giving. It curates school content, connect content to giving, facilitate career networking, and drive in-person networking








Pradeep Aradhya - CEO, Novus Laurus, LLC




trish fleming



Trish Fleming - Executive Director, MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge




mfa judge



Matt Pettine - Managing Director of IT Advisory Practice, Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico






Nancy Saucier - Associate Director of New Venture Development, UMass Lowell




ep bank judge



Chester Szablak - EVP/Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Enterprise Bank



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