Steve Hartel

Company: Trilogy Financial

Title: Training Manager

Profession: Financial Planning

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Industry experience

  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Finance/Funding
  • Insurance
  • Tax mitigation, buy-sell agreements for partners, exit strategies

Specialization / Skills Inventory

  • Coaching/Advising/Problem Solving
  • Finances / Accounting
  • Networking


Steve does not believe in cookie cutter financial plans. Everyone’s needs and goals are different; what may make sense for one person may not make sense for another, even if they are at the same age or stage in life. To Steve, financial independence means reaching the point where work becomes optional and retirement becomes affordable—but each person might define that differently. This is one of the things that sets Steve apart from other advisors; his commitment to thinking holistically and creatively so that he can help his clients work towards their unique financial goals. He is attracted to the energy of those who shape our world and future such as business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs. Steve is dedicated to helping clients achieve financial independence through practical, values-driven financial plans. He believes in treating his clients with respect, honesty, integrity, and service excellence. Steve specializes in advising clients how to reach their financial goals, pay less in taxes, affordably pay for college, invest smarter, and properly protect their hard-earned assets. He thrives in his role as a financial mentor. He enjoys educating small business owners and guiding individuals and families through all stages of their financial lives.