Michael Sattler

Company: Opus Two Collaborative, LLC

Title: Principal

Profession: Technical co-founder, CTO

Mentor History: Alphamatician

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Industry experience

  • IT
  • Non-Profit
  • Programming

Specialization / Skills Inventory

  • Bootstrapping
  • Coaching/Advising/Problem Solving
  • Operations
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Online product/service design, engineering, project and product management


I've been in the internet business since 1995: I founded two companies in the late 90s, spent a decade helping grow another one into the $100 million range, and then went back and founded a couple more. I've been developing web-based products and services (from strategy to design to execution and operations) for seventeen years. I'm hands on when necessary, but prefer working with teams of qualified specialists. I prefer working with seed/early stage companies.

I've said for my entire life that ideas are easy - it's execution that's hard. That said, in this day and age you can get farther, faster and cheaper than ever before - if you know what you're doing. Building your company on top of the latest technologies, letting the market (not your own beliefs about the market) tell you what it wants, and treating your venture as a real-time, ever-changing, dynamic endeavor - all of this can can lead to tremendous benefits.