Rithy Uong

Company: Lowell HighSchool

Title: Guidance Counselor

Profession: Educator

Mentor History: RoundShip LLC

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Industry experience

Specialization / Skills Inventory

  • Coaching/Advising/Problem Solving
  • Government (Sales, Grants, etc.)
  • Networking
  • Team building, community organizing, counseling, and civic education.


I was born and raised in Cambodia and arrived in the USA in 1981 as refugee with no relative and a dropped out high school due to civil war. I began to study English full time for 6 months while working full time as well as preparing for a GED diploma and passed it in 1982. In 1985 I finished my pre- engineering study at UMass Boston and finished my BSEE from BU in 1987 with full Scholarship. In 1989 I finished my master in math education and begin my educational career in education since at Lowell High School. In 1992, I resigned from my position as Guidance Counselor andwentto work for the UN in Cambodia. In 1993, I accepted a three year position as Field Director of a Swiss non-governmental Organisation established four vocational Residential Academic Training Centers in a rural Cambodia province. In 1997, I was hired by World Education to work with the ministry of education in Cambodia to develop elementary education in Battambang province. The coup d'eta of 1997 came, I di not go and decided to take the guidance counselor job at Lowell high school again. In 1999, I ran and was elected into the Lowell city council. I made history as the first Cambodian elected official in the US as well as the first person of color to be elected in Lowell. During those times, i served in various board of directors in non profits organizations and perused getting the Courier building for the CMAA as well as initiated the Lowell southeast Asian water festival. I have done many others, but I would rather be discuss my bio in person if needed to.