Kay McGowan

Company: A Curated World

Title: Founder, CEO

Profession: Import Retail

Mentor History: Faux Pas

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Industry experience

  • Consumer Goods
  • Retail, Import, Management

Specialization / Skills Inventory

  • Coaching/Advising/Problem Solving
  • Founder perspective


Hi – I am happy to share my experience as a solo female founder of a recently launched startup, my first startup, if you see value in this. Best, Kay Kay McGowan spent 14 years helping shape Mohr & McPherson, an iconic Boston based importer and retailer of home goods from around the world. As the General Manager at Mohr & McPherson, Kay established business relationships with designers and artisans all over the world. Among her customers, Kay is well respected for her discerning eye as a buyer and her ability to listen to, understand, and respond to her customers’ lifestyle aspirations. Kay left her position as General Manager with Mohr & McPherson in January 2012 and launched her own ecommerce venture, A Curated World. She did this while going through a start up accelerator (Betaspring, Providence, RI), as a solo founder, with two trips to Marrakech, and within 4 months. She has recently started raising her first round of investment. A Curated World creates a ‘local’ shopping experience on a global level. Kay travels the world for the most unique fashion and home décor products and brings her customers along for the adventure. A Curated World has a strong editorial voice with its magazine-style content and the immediate visual pull of on-location video. By combining this with an ecommerce platform, A Curated World re-creates online the thrilling experience of discovering off-the-beaten-path stores in exotic locations.