Featured Entrepreneur / Alphamatician– Floyd Greenwood

Entrepreneur Profile: Alphamatician

Floyd Greenwood has always been fascinated by data! His company Alphamatician aims to sift through large amounts of publicly available social data and other large data-sets to find investment insights. Floyd hopes to tap into this multi-billion dollar market!

What is Alphamatician?
Alphamatician provides a way for investors to incorporate vast amounts of social data and other big data sets into investment decisions. We provide scoring, screening and tools to understand sentiment and discussion trends.

What inspired you to do this?
I have always been fascinated by the power of data and especially the power of vast amounts of data to make better decisions. I am particularly interested in the rapidly growing universe of social data. My background is in investment management and analysis, and so I have often seen opportunities to use this type of data in the world of picking stocks. However this is a complex and challenging problem that has not previously been addressed. The good news is that computing power, bandwidth, and data storage have finally reached the point where this problem can be solved. This has created a real opportunity to help people. The opportunity to help people combined with the complexity of the problem is a big motivator for me.

What are some challenges you are facing now?
Data! Alphamatician collects, processes, and stores vast amounts of data. Managing all this data is a very big challenge. Beyond that, we have the same challenges facing many startups: too much to do and too few resources to get everything done.

Why did you join the Sandbox Accelerator? What do you like about it?
I joined the Sandbox Accelerator because I very much like what the Sandbox is trying to achieve. That is, they are helping businesses of all types get off the ground. This creates opportunities and economic growth for the Merrimack Valley and eastern Massachusetts. For many reasons, I believe it is getting harder and harder to successfully launch a business. The Sandbox is a hands-on and direct way to help businesses get launched.

What are the long-term goals of Alphamatician?
Alphamatician is addressing a large opportunity in a multi-billion dollar market. My goal is to grow this business to the point where Alphamatician plays an essential role in how most investors, whether they are working at a large institution or managing their own savings, make smart investment decisions. The name Alphamatician should be as recognizable as Bloomberg, Morningstar or Factset.

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