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Women's Path to Employment (WPTE)

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Women’s Path To Employment (WPTE) helps unemployed women along their path to employment using mobile career services that prepare clients for interviews through education, preparation, and professional women's clothing drives.


Accelerator Awards Celebration (Update)

As promised, I said I would keep everyone updated on last night's Accelerator Awards Celebration. This was the conclusion of a 12 week entrepreneurship program where I was chosen, out of many who applied, to be one of the thirteen finalists in the program. Last week, we had our pitches with 10 minutes for our presentations and 10 minutes for questions. Last night was the reveal for who would receive a portion of the $25,000 prize pool based on this pitch contest and other factors. Since it was a prize pool, there were no first/second/third place winners, nor was there any one person who went home with the complete $25k.
Although Women's Path to Employment (WPTE) did not go home with a share of the winnings, this is by no means a loss for WPTE. We have benefited greatly from participating in the Accelerator, and because of the program, we are much further along in the development of our nonprofit. I am very thankful for this opportunity and would like to thank Lianna Kushi and David Parker for running the program, my mentors for guiding me, my fellow classmates for offering their advice/expertise/ideas, and you for supporting me.
Congratulations to Keo’s Homemade Ice Cream, FOB Lifestyle & Apparel, Mill City Grows, Lawrence Yoga Collective, and 99C Manufacturing!
WPTE is ready to dive in and continue on helping women prepare for their careers.
Thank you,
Sabrina Boggio
WPTE Founder