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Women's Path to Employment (WPTE)

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Women’s Path To Employment (WPTE) helps unemployed women along their path to employment using mobile career services that prepare clients for interviews through education, preparation, and professional women's clothing drives.


So how did the presentation go?


I believe the presentation went great. I am receiving a lot of praise for it and I know it is a big improvement as compared to the week before when I practiced with my fellow Sandbox Finalists.

When I had started working on my presentation, I began with the PowerPoint so I could organize all my ideas and make sure that I was hitting all the points that were required of me. But then I think I got over-confident because when I looked at all the information, I was like "Oh! I do these presentations all the time in my business classes!" and with everything that I had going on the week of the practice....... I couldn't really practice.

So it was a good wake up call to get back on track! I did my usual and wrote a small script that I memorized but had note cards as well. I received a few questions. All of which made sense to ask and I could answer readily. I was the last presenter out of everyone so I was scheduled to present from about 9-920pm so I'm sure the judges were a bit tuckered out.

But at the end of the day, I am happy with the outcome, and even happier about the overall Accelerator experience. I recommend to any and all entrepreneurs that are steps away from launching and have a well thought out idea that they can fully dedicate their time to and make use of all the resources provided. It was an amazing experience and I intend to keep up with everyone!