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Women's Path to Employment (WPTE)

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Women’s Path To Employment (WPTE) helps unemployed women along their path to employment using mobile career services that prepare clients for interviews through education, preparation, and professional women's clothing drives.


Random Ideas of an Entrepreneur


In preparing a write-up for Women's Path to Employment, I was asked to go into detail about WPTE's services. Since taking away the resume and cover letter writing services, it has been noted that I would be providing less at the same price to clients and the organizations that refer them. Yet the driving force behind removing the resume and cover letter services is to focus on one aspect, build that up successfully, and then branch out from there.

In doing so, knowing that I will be focusing on the clothing (collection, sorting, and delivery), I want the delivery to be a big part of WPTE's reputation. 

In the past I have played around with different revenue models and now have found that the pay-per-person model works best for local organizations because it is (financially) a one size fits all kind of model. 

Since WPTE is focused on improving women's confidence in their interviews, in WPTE's new model, when we go out to do a one-on-one, or a five person pop-up shop, or are treating a lucky client to a complete make-over head-to-toe, customer service is going to be key. WPTE's volunteers will act as personal shoppers for the clients and give them interview tips as they pick through the outfits. 

For a pop-up shop for 5 clients, we'll take the size information beforehand, arrange several outfits for them to try on, set up the racks at the location, have the personal shopper volunteers work with the clients, and have them try on the clothes.

I had thought of this before, and did some pricing research, etc., brought back the idea ofhaving portable dressing rooms. It would allow us to have full felxibility in the space, cut down wait time compared to when clients, and control how far out of sight the clothes go. The dressing rooms here a pretty radical, but I have one style that I found that would be perfect and is reasonably priced! Only thing now is to make sure the ceilings are high enough!