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Women's Path to Employment (WPTE)

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Women’s Path To Employment (WPTE) helps unemployed women along their path to employment using mobile career services that prepare clients for interviews through education, preparation, and professional women's clothing drives.


Tinkering. Experimenting.


Good news! We now not only own one (1) domain name but three (3)!

Owning a domain name and getting a new website is something that I had been considering for a little while now. I think we've defnitely outgrown the Tumblr-based website.


  • Website thus far has been a Tumblr  and since I did not register a domain name until recently, the URL had included my organization's name AND Tumblr's (ex: Now, I have more control over the URL.
  • The new URL/domain name looks more professional
  • I can use the new domain name to come up with a new email adddress (Coming soon:
  • It will help the public connect "Women's Path to Employment" with "WPTE" and idenitify it as a Lawrence-based organization
  • It may even boost my SEO with the term "WPTE"



  • Design a new layout for the website. Since I am selling to social service agencies, I am more concerned with using the website to present information about my organization than I am with making sales through the website.
  • I would like to include a way for the public to donate (possibly a KickStarter?)
  • I believe I saw that one of the plugins for WordPress does include Tumblr. So, I will keep the Tumblr, update that particular layout, dedicate it to blogging only, and hook that in to the new website.
  • LAUNCH NEW WEBSITE | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest LinkedIn | Radio

We're Getting Close!


Just for fun, and partially in consideration of a name shortening, I've been trying to compete with the other "WPTE" on Google...

When you search WPTE in Google, the first page is filled with results from:

  1. the World Poker Tour (WPT)'s stock ticker: WPTE
  2. Radio station, 94.9FM the Point WPTE.


Again, just for fun, during the break I've been toying with the idea: What if I can get my SEO to be higher than even the World Poker Tour?!

Here's my challenges:

  • The World Poker Tour has obviously been around A LOT longer than Women's Path has been
  • The World Poker Tour has both their acornym WPT and the one they use for their stock ticker WPTE, same as Women's Path
  • The World Poker Tour acutaly BOUGHT the URL/domain name and redirected it to their website!


BUT, I guess I'm doing pretty well since WPTE (as in Women's Path to Employment) is listed on the 2nd page of Google search results! We're getting there! I just think it would be awesome to surpass WPT and the radio station one day.

1/2/13 Update: We are first on the 2nd page of results now. That much closer to the 1st page... | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest LinkedIn | Radio

Contemplation and Planning

It's true what Johnny Cupcake wrote today on his Instagram photo:

"There's something more satisfying about using a pen and paper over a computer. In a way, it feels both definite and meditative."

There are two things that definitely help me develop my thoughts: writing them down and bouncing my ideas off of others. I’ve found that when I’m writing down my ideas, I have to slow down in order to get them out since I’m much quicker at typing. This gives me more time to work out my thoughts and I can even organize my notes in any way I want without having to fuss with any word processing formatting. When I work out my ideas verbally with another person, I’ve found that there are certain times when hearing someone else say something has more impact on me than thinking the same thing on my own.

Here are some notes from my first mentor meeting that was a conference call. It was the first open-work day and after sitting in on the sessions with Valerie Kijewski and Sidd Goyal, I realized I needed to better define my customer segments. I had also been toying with the idea of separating the clothing services from the rest of the appointment based services (resumes, cover letters, interview prep).

I will be separating the clothing from the other services and am researching how voucher programs have been working for others. I am sticking with the idea of keeping WPTE as a mobile service and am considering pop-up shops. I would like to build up the clothing program because that is what I can handle now, and because I would rather build up the reputation more before bringing in the other services that are more demanding. | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest LinkedIn | Radio

We're Global!


I was working on some things for WPTE and the Accelerator when I happened to take a peek at the Facebook Analytics through Hootsuite rather than Facebook for once. What did I learn?We're GLOBAL!

What does that mean? We have multiple locations in other countries that we never told you about? No. It means we have people who have "liked" our Facebook page and are following along with us from other countries. Sounds like we have some pretty good social media reach and SEO (search engine optimization)!

Countries outside USA with likers include (based on the info people include on their Facebook profiles):

United Kingdom
Dominican Republic
New Zealand

How cool is that? | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest LinkedIn | Radio

Quick Update

Tomorrow the goals are due. I met with two of the four mentors yesterday and narrowed-down my goals to the following:

1) Determine if I will be a for-profit or non-profit

2) Better define my customer segments

3) Decide if I will keep the clothing and the appointment services (resume, cover letters, interview prep) together

 - I am really interested and determined in keeping Women's Path to Employment as a mobile service.
 - I am leaning towards being a nonprofit because I think as a student and as a start up, people will be more willing to give and help because it is going towards a cause. Second, I would like the profits to go back into the business. And also I have already been asked by those donating clothes for me to give them a donation receipt, and this is not something I have been able to do thus far.
 - I am leaning towards separating the clothing and the other appointment services (for now). I think I reached too far, too soon in trying to include these other services. I would like to take a few steps back into the clothing and work on that for a while.