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University to University Transportation Company LLC (UTUTC)

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

The University to University Transportation Company (UTUTC) is a transportation service exclusively for college students to travel between major universities for events in the New England area. We strive to provide students with an opportunity to visit any major university in New England very (1) Cheap, (2) Conveniently, and (3) Comfortably. The UTUTC creates an atmosphere of friends and fellow students all traveling to the same event; encouraging students to be social and create new friendships. We will pick you up at 1 University Ave and bring you directly to the event. Students must have a .edu email account and their school identification card to travel with the UTUTC.


Working on finding a programmer. In the meantime working on redesigning the website and brainstorming some ideas on what would look best for the homepage. 

Think I have my target market figured out of who I will launch to. 


Next, calling the local bar association for a lawyer. 

A view of the inside of our website for those who cannot log in. A work in progress of course. 

Now filed as an LLC!

Our press release for Umass Lowell


The University to University Transportation Company LLC




Contact: Derek Coleman

Cell: 978-809-9352                                                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE






Your University Has Been Chosen to Preview a Special Beta Version of is a social network that allows students to plan events, purchase tickets, and socialize with friends and students. It's launching its beta version at Umass Lowell exclusively for the start of the spring 2013 semester. We have one target market (college students) and we have designed our business to fit their exact needs.


If you have a e-mail account, you can log in and purchase bus tickets to events that you are interested in. Users will be able to see which events other students are attending and they will be able to book the same bus as their friends. UTUTC charges students a flat rate for a one-way or round trip ticket. These tickets are purchased in advance but may also be bought at departure if there are still seats available. is for students who are looking to attend events at other campuses but do not have the means of transportation to get there. We provide cheap, convenient, and comfortable transportation that all students can enjoy. Our bus trips create an atmosphere that is friendly and encourages students to engage and interact with other students. UTUTC is a transportation service company providing safe, secure, and comfortable transportation for college students traveling to other colleges. We provide this service through our mobile application, our company website, our company customer service, and our physical transportation service. was founded by college students in an attempt to give students a better form of transportation to other universities in the New England area. Our transportation service, through our website and mobile application, offers students the chance to travel exclusively with other students to the largest events in the New England area. As college student founders of UTUTC we believe that we can create the friendly atmosphere that college students feel comfortable traveling with friends in. Through the use of our exclusive mobile application which will show upcoming events at other universities that we transport to, we will encourage students to travel more than they usually would.




If you'd like more information about our service, or to schedule an interview, contact Derek Coleman at