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University to University Transportation Company LLC (UTUTC)

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

The University to University Transportation Company (UTUTC) is a transportation service exclusively for college students to travel between major universities for events in the New England area. We strive to provide students with an opportunity to visit any major university in New England very (1) Cheap, (2) Conveniently, and (3) Comfortably. The UTUTC creates an atmosphere of friends and fellow students all traveling to the same event; encouraging students to be social and create new friendships. We will pick you up at 1 University Ave and bring you directly to the event. Students must have a .edu email account and their school identification card to travel with the UTUTC.


13 hours later it worked! least that part did, working on the rest. 12:16AM

"I will avoid despair but if this disease of the mind should infect me then I will work on in despair."

"I will persist until I succeed." 

If you want something done you have to do it yourself. True statement. Starting at 11:17AM, I will update when I am done. 


"I will persist until I succeed." 

This is just free association. Don’t mind me.


FINALLYYYYYY can successfully deploy a ruby application to heroku and host it on my website.


“I will persist until I succeed.” 

Got a lot of good information at last night’s accelerator meeting. May be time to make our first major pivot. Also had a mentor tonight with my technology mentor and one of his close friends who is an entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of More great information that I will be implementing (some that I already have). Making changes every day for the better. And I did not think there was going to be much to learn from these meeting. Always have to keep an open mind, making sure I am headed in the correct direction is more important than just working head-down not looking where I’m going.

Currently working. Have I been spending too much time on the website? We are going to be doing a lot of gorilla marketing at school and will lead people to the website so that they can buy the ticket but that is all. Just focusing on getting people on the bus and making that first trip a success. Now have two trips that we are looking at making. Who wouldn’t want a FREEEEEE ride to Umass Amherst’s spring concert?????

“I will persist until I succeed.”