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University to University Transportation Company LLC (UTUTC)

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

The University to University Transportation Company (UTUTC) is a transportation service exclusively for college students to travel between major universities for events in the New England area. We strive to provide students with an opportunity to visit any major university in New England very (1) Cheap, (2) Conveniently, and (3) Comfortably. The UTUTC creates an atmosphere of friends and fellow students all traveling to the same event; encouraging students to be social and create new friendships. We will pick you up at 1 University Ave and bring you directly to the event. Students must have a .edu email account and their school identification card to travel with the UTUTC.


Got 5 more campus reps on Umass Lowell to help promote the UTUTC. Have a meeting with a potential Chief Marketing Officer tomorrow and lot of meetings with the campus reps. Really focusing on marketing and building a team. Looking for a CTO next. 

Tickets came in a few days ago for campus reps who sell tickets in person and receive cash.

"I will persist until I succeed." 

We are really dedicated to our social mission. This is the true existance of the UTUTC. 5% of all profits will be donated to MADD. Proud to say it, wish we could donate all 100% 

On the other note, it's 3:26 AM and I'm trying to fix a bug...

"I will persist until I succeed." 

Working on the site. Working on the marketing. Working on the pitch. Working... 

This is what Saturday nights were made for, right? Oh no, they were made for partying and getting transported by the UTUTC. 


"I will persist until I succeed." 


Only temporary...but who knows how long that will be. 

AFTER... logo coming soon