Union Capital Boston

Company Description

Union Capital Boston is an approach to overcome the poverty trap for individuals, families, and communities. Our plan is to create a mobile-based loyalty program for low-income families that provides social and financial service rewards in exchange for community involvement in schools, businesses, health centers, and civic programs.

03/17/2014 05:22 PM
UCB is a multiple-source funding model with both an internal revenue stream of member institution fees, as well as external fundraising and support. Membership fees will be based on institutional benefit, whether it is increased revenue from sales, increased parent volunteers at school, or higher show rates at health clinic appointments. UCB will create individual contracts for each institution based on their needs and charge fees based on the benefits UCB creates for the institutions. Based on our financial model, our goal is to receive at least 50% of our revenue from member institution fees by Year 3. We do not aim to initially become a for-profit entity, rather a non-profit with a diversity of revenue sources, including from our community institutions.


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