Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

Ubersimple, a NH based software company, has developed "AppPack" (a mobile app and website), to make it quick and easy to give out referrals within the mortgage and real estate industry. Professionals that rely on referrals for business can include their trusted business partners to participate, which allows consumers to have direct access to a network of professionals, locally and privately. See a 90 second video at


8/14/2013 Entrepreneurs Tell all 

As part of the MV Sanbox Entrepreneurs tell all series, we heard from two more entrepreneurs who offer a different perspective.


Joe Lane -  Safe Path Medical

Parul Singh - Gradable


Both Joe and Parul were able to offer so much valuable information. Some of it was even on their own strategy and tactics which helped immensely.


You hear that other entrepreneurs "got successful", but you often wonder what they did that you haven't figured out yet.


Here are some highlights:


"Don't go at it alone" will take longer, and you are not the expert on everything.


"Give more than you take"...a life lesson we all know, but it works great in business too.


"Ask people for advice" don't know everything.


"Don't isolate yourself...Network"... You will meet interesting people, get your word out, and make contacts


"Demonstrate you have done your homework"...or risk losing opportunities, time, or money


The above lessons were great to hear, much of what we all know, but to hear it again, and from people who have stood in our shoes not too long ago was a good reminder.


Beyond the quick lesson, we actually learned some tactical things that were both low/no cost and easy to do that delivered big impact to their success.


Things such as:

Asking your customer audience to look at and evaluate your idea is good, but how?

1) On their schedule

2) Wherever they choose to meet

3) Try to use your network to connect to them


Getting Testimonials...again, how?

1) Ask them if it's OK

2) Meet them to do it, use your phone to record

3) Have some bullets that you want them to cover...not a full script. It needs to be their words.

4) Mail them a $99 FLIP camera with the bullets to read and return envelope.

5) Get varying levels of credentials.

- An Expert can say how great it is, and how easy it will be for beginners

- A general practitioner can say how it has helped

- Each person should talk about a different aspect of your product


Use the video for different parts of your pitch and presentation.

Let people know these are "Real People" so the reactions are 100% authentic, and might be dry at times.

But stress, these are future customers!


The Presentation, what to include?

1) The more realistic the better.

2) Show your current iteration

3) Use the testimonials

3) Talk about the "benefits"

- Example: Gradable helps save time, and allows teachers to be more efficient and accurate.

The School Principals don't care so much about time, (i.e. it's not a manufacturing shop), however, if you tell the principals that "Product X" will help them save face to parents by demonstrating that they are taking initiatives in classrooms is a benefit that justifies having the product.


You have to think of the various ways your customers will benefit, and time and money are not always the factor.


We take this and relate it back to our product.

AppPack helps save an immense amount of time. It makes it faster and easier to give out referrals.

But the real "benefit" to our customers is that they have a way to share their professional network out so that clients can take advantage of them easier.

It demonstrates that professionals are helping each other, and in turn helps strengthen business relationships.