Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

Ubersimple, a NH based software company, has developed "AppPack" (a mobile app and website), to make it quick and easy to give out referrals within the mortgage and real estate industry. Professionals that rely on referrals for business can include their trusted business partners to participate, which allows consumers to have direct access to a network of professionals, locally and privately. See a 90 second video at


August 8, 2013  - Entrepreneurs Tell all


One thing about Entrepreneurship, is while it all feels the same for everyone, the stories as to why and how we do what we do is always different.


Learning from other entrepreneurs is valuable, because it helps us learn what drives and pushes us to take the risk not everyone does.


We heard from David Parker of Merrimack Valley Sandbox and also Trisha Blanchet of "Operation Delta Dog".


Their stories were very similar to most entrepreneurs.


"I saw or experienced a problem, and I wanted to do something about it."


Whether you are already starting out, or thinking about it, some of these details will relate to all entrepreneurs:


-Starting is hard

-You are always growing

-The are always's an up and down cycle

-It's what you put into it

-Be prepared for the unknown (pivots)

-What you plan for won't happen

-Things can be bleak and dark at times and challenges mount up

-Progress is day to day

-You can be passionate and broke

As you take your idea on, you have to stay tuned into everything. Customers, co-founders, and team. "How the founders run the company is important".  People look to you as their leader, mentor, or problem solver.  


One thing to remember, is that in the face of all challenges, don't underestimate yourself. "You achieve feats"...that's how you started.


When the tough times come at you, just remember why you are doing this.

- Money



-It's just better

* it shouldn't always be just for money.


At Ubersimple, we do it for all the reason above. We hate seeing people waste time, effort, and their own opportunity because technology hasn't been made easy enough yet. We see our opportunity to make things better for millions of people, and it happens to be a great challenge of our own skills and intellect. We know that in the end, our company will be around and profitable because we choose to help people first.