Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

Ubersimple, a NH based software company, has developed "AppPack" (a mobile app and website), to make it quick and easy to give out referrals within the mortgage and real estate industry. Professionals that rely on referrals for business can include their trusted business partners to participate, which allows consumers to have direct access to a network of professionals, locally and privately. See a 90 second video at


7/9/2013 Session 4: Serious Social Media Marketing Session with Bobbie Carlton of Carlton PR & Marketing. 

We thought we knew about socail media marketing, then we heard from Bobbie Carlton.

There was so much condensed into just two hours, that ou go go from not having a twitter account to opening one, and knowing how to get a steady flow of quality followers right away.


Bobbie taught us it's all in your approach.

  • 99% of posts should be about your audience's interests, 1% should be about your company's products&features, 0% about eating a sandwich or personal stuff (paraphrased)
  • SEO(Search Engine optimization) is a "job", it's not something you can just buy. 80% of people click on naturally ranked pages, and it's very rare people visit 2nd-3rd+ pages in search results. 
  • SEO can be done in many ways, and it's not always hard and fast rules. In the case of @pistachio(Laura Fitton), searching her name outranks the actual nut!
  • Companies offering SEO rankings, or doing it on the cheap, rarely, if never work, and they just waste your money.

Lesson learned: Don't pay for something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

You might be better off reading:

Mike Moran: Search Engine Marketing, Inc  or Search Engine Optimization for Dummies




When working with a new client, Bobbie requires "Goals First"

  • Goals help dictate what needs to be done in terms of marketing.
  • The message should then be a "Simple Direct Message", using simple words, and benefits it offers customers. 

A good tip: Use the Google AdWords Keyword Selector tool to look up what keywords you shoul dbe using by typing in your message and seeing what the hot/costly words are. This helps you identify words you can be using. 



  • When doing any form of marketing, credibility matters.
  • Customer testimonials and examples can be influencers for your product. 


Press Release

  • A press release is a good thing for companies to have early on. It should be a short message that people can take away the concept.
  • For a company, this press release can serve as a common belief that all employees can live by. It can help bring unity to visions, and understanding to goals and mission. 

Steps to a press release

  1. Complete the Product
  2. Beta customers (use as references)
  3. pre-brief industry analysts
  4. Brief reports
    1. Consider lead times based on their articel distribution timelines
  5. Issue press release
  6. Attend events



  • You should brand what people search on. It's not always you who defines your product, name, and or use/benefits.
  • Mass Innovation Nights is locally know as "MassInno", a name speficially that meant to be avoided, became the name every now refers to it as.
  • As a startup, try to focus on branding one name(product)  vs two(Company & Product)  in the case where your prodcut is not the same as your company. alas...AppPack by Ubersimple has caused us much extra work in terms of tryig to identify both. 


Tools: to look at domains available with the same twitter, facebook, etc social accounts. 


Create a cycle in your social marketing. Example:

  1. "Tweet Us" your fortune cookie to get a blog post written about it pertaining to marketing. 
  2. Respond to sender
  3. Sender retweets
  4. You appear in multiple other places. 


We see this as a potential B2B marketing channel for us. 

Get a demo account for company, then tweet your pack to @Ubersimple to get a couple more demo accounts for your company before having to upgrade. It benefits users to be social with our tool, it gives them an added bonus of free accounts, plus it helps us raise our exposure.


Overall, a fantastic session, where we learned this and so much more! 




Today we learned some great approaches to marketing.


Stephanie Cauvet of MFA was our speaker. 

The biggest takeaway was to know your 4P's of marketing

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion


Each of these has several questions that can help you identify your product or service better for your customers. 

One of the most importnat things I remember form Stephanie was that MFA, and accounting firm, was that in order to keep your marketing message clear, you can't, not shouldn't try to address everyone. 


One of our company goals is to really clarify our message and define that message to suit our audience better.

We wanted to not exclude anyone from our product, but the reality is, no one can service all industries.

Currently we are working with our streamlined message, and refining it to read:

AppPack - a simpler way to share information for a modern world.

We are targeting our efforts on Mortgage Loan Officers who would be able to use AppPack as a simple way to give new prospects information on themself, the mortgage process (which varies based on many variables) , and push out news regarding indsutry cahnges faster.


Here is a copy of Ubersimple talking about AppPack on "Friends of Kevin" radio show:

(MP3 Version)

Ubersimple will be on Friends of Kevin Talk Radio discussing AppPack

Time: Monday: June 24 11:07AM

Station: WSMN 1590 AM RADIO

The Friends of Kevin Radio Show airs on WSMN in Nashua on Mondays from 11am to 12pm


Ubersimple wants to make it easier for you to promote yourself, your business or event using a mobile app. 

We make it fast & simple to share "PACKS" taking the hassle out of building or managin seprate apps.