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As a school based occupational therapist based at the Rollins Early Childhood Center, I work with many students who have decreased fine motor and visual motor skills which are often impacted by various diagnoses. Many students are motivated by technology which can be used as a teaching tool to strengthen their fine and visual motor skills. This project would allow preschool and kindergarten students access to iPads and apps during treatment sessions to address areas of need. Various fine motor apps will be explored including the Handwriting without Tears App to improve letter formation in order to prepare students for the demands of writing. The strengthening of our students’ fine and visual motor skills using technology will support areas including cognitive development, English language arts, literacy development and written output. These areas will allow our students to have increased success with pre-writing, letter formation and integration of shapes to form drawings. This project aims to provide students with a good foundation of letter formation by tapping into their interests of technology that will support the written demands that are yet to come along their educational journey.

12/20/2013 07:51 AM
Information on apps for the iPad that strengthen fine motor skills and focus on letter formation.


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