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Style This Shindig

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

Style This Shindig is an event styling & floral design boutique. We specialize in creating a customized & cohesive look for weddings and social events. We design, style, and craft handmade props, paper goods, photo backdrops and floral arrangements. Consider us an event specialist that you can turn to for all your event design and styling needs. We'll work with you to ensure that the event truly captures your vision and impresses your guests.


One of the sessions that was very powerful was the one on pitches and public speaking presented by Todd Fry.

We started with introductions and then immediately dove into sharing our fears about public speaking.  I thought this was useful because we spent a dedicated amount of time to put some undivided attention on our fears.  
How many times have we had to shove that fear aside so that we can continue marching on?  Probably one too many times.  When we act on them, we have no idea how or why we react a certain way.
What a great start!
The way that he engaged us really kept my attention on the subject.  He went onto giving us points on why public speaking could be such a problem.  Fear, preparation, knowledge, and delivery were all the points he touched on.
One of the most useful exercises was watching our fellow finalists get gently put back together after each time they got shredded into pieces - in a good way!!