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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

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FOB ("fresh off the boat") is often used as a term to mock migrants -- but to us, FOB is about adapting to change while holding on to your roots. FOB is an urban-alternative street apparel brand inspired by immigration and of being an outsider. Co-founded by starving artists hungry for social change, FOB sells apparel and in doing so, provokes cultural perceptions within communities of diasporas. Drawn from our own Southeast Asian roots where war and genocide has left a cultural black hole, FOB aims to ignite a sense of pride, promise, and empowerment one t-shirt at a time.




Two week ago we meet with our Mentors to practice our mid-way pitch. Actually, it was the first time all of our mentors met in person.  So the FOB SQUAD met at our mentor, Tai Kien, workplace, Innovative Medical Designsinc. It was a fun trip up to Acton -- to his new building his company moved into about 10 months ago. We trench through the sidewalkful snow and slippery-iced walkways. When we made way to the conference room, we were welcomed with a table brimmed with chairs and a potluck brunch centerpiece. It was show and tell with past t-shirt designs. I was glad that our mentors liked the quirky designs, who usually seem stern and really professional. 

We broke down the ProblemOpportunityCustomer MarketSustainability and how we will be using the prize money. Then our mentors gave us a challenge. We were give only ten minutes alone to make sense of it all --  to create a two and half minute pitch -- and decide what to say, what order, and who will say what! Very scary. Very very scary, especially when you have three partners picking and choosing statements. We welcome critiques. It must be the nerves but Sopheak and I finished our pitch well under the two minute mark.


That following Tuesday we presented and I would like to say that we did well! We just need to watch that recorded video to confirm that!

-Ricky & Sopheak


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