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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

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FOB ("fresh off the boat") is often used as a term to mock migrants -- but to us, FOB is about adapting to change while holding on to your roots. FOB is an urban-alternative street apparel brand inspired by immigration and of being an outsider. Co-founded by starving artists hungry for social change, FOB sells apparel and in doing so, provokes cultural perceptions within communities of diasporas. Drawn from our own Southeast Asian roots where war and genocide has left a cultural black hole, FOB aims to ignite a sense of pride, promise, and empowerment one t-shirt at a time.




2013, it was swell, but we are looking forward to moving to the new year. 2013 will be full of experiments, launches, and hopefully success. The last few days of the year had us moving office supplies, heavy publications, and clumsy ikea furnitures to our temporary downtown Lowell office. Its been great to have a break from all the hard work, Sopheak is off in Brooklyn, and I am indulging in some red velvet hot chocolate in a small cozy cafe in Salem, MA. But what are we coming back to after our break? What are the next steps?

This is where we announce our New Year Goals.
Goals for the Sandbox Accelerator Program. 

1) Launch our KICK-ASS Website.
this website will be pretty, sleek, user friendly. We are going to introduce our "Progress Bar" or "Incentive Barometer" or "FOB-O-Meter". We want to have our customers to feel that they have control over what they are buying, Final Price is determine on how many sales our product gets. The more purchases the move you save, or less you spend. This will encourage our fans to tell their friends, which leads us to our second feature, sharing via facebook, twitter, and pintrest. This overall plan is to create and increase our market. A few great examples of these progress bars and sharing capabilities are Kickstarter, Sevenly, and Send the Trend.


2) Create a BOMB-ASS line.  
FOB just had our first Concept Meeting for our March designs, so yes!, we are planning to launch some new apparel this Spring. Having socially driven design, eco-materials, in states production, and a cool marketing campaign. We are researching suppliers and printers, several which are local! Also creating a list of celebrities that would fit our Brand is on our to-do list. Youtube stars, dancers, skateboarders, Raj...

(Gabe Bondoc, Jerry Hsu, and Gwen Stefani)


3) (last but not least) SELL, SELL, SELL
We want to sell 20 goods by the end of March. Elizabeth, our third partner, has created an events list. So far we know the Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival to be our best selling time. Now lets look at Cali, Philly, and Providence! 

- Ricky & Sopheak 

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