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Sweat For A Cause

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Sweat For A Cause is a web startup that is taking the concept of fitness-driven fundraisers online


Ask and you shall (give yourself the best chance to) receive!

One of the speakers at the accelerator Barrie Atkins, drove home the point when she stated that - "the #1 reason people give (money) is because they were asked".
This statement epitomizes one extremely important lesson that I learned during the course of the Accelerator program -
Making an Ask! In the business world an "Ask" typically applies to asking for money from an investor, but I believe it can be broadened to other facets of business and life as well -

  • Asking current customers for feedback
  • Asking potential clients to give your product a try
  • Asking mentors for advice
  • Asking coworkers for help
  • Asking investors for money
  • Asking loved ones for their opinions
  • Asking people for their time

My upbringing has always pushed me to be self-reliant. Often this has translated to not wanting anything from anyone else. While this holds me in good stead in many situations, it has proved a stumbling block when it comes to certain complexities of running a business (and sometimes in life too). 

I realize that the destiny of my business is mostly in my hands. But over the course of the accelerator, I've come to understand that its success still depends on a lot of external unknown factors. By systematically identifying what those factors are and subsequently making the right ask to the right people, I'm giving my business (and myself) the best chance to succeed. I've also learned that people have the tendency to give and over the last 10 weeks, by asking I've been able to get -

  • Nonprofits to tell us that SFAC needs to be able to generate more donations
  • Lots of new nonprofit clients
  • Unrestricted access to our mentors' valuable thoughts
  • Opinions from friends on strategy and
  • In one instance, upfront money in return for future services from a customer (more to come on this!)

Thank you mentors, advisors, speakers and fellow participants for instilling this confidence in me to go out and make the ask. Simply put, only if you ask, shall you put yourself in a position to receive!