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Principium Prep

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

Principium Prep is an online resource center for parents and students seeking information regarding education. Principium Prep focuses on resources available to an individual on a local level, more specifically within your community.


July 30, 2013

Legal Lowdown


The class for me was a refresher filled with different points of views and do's & dont's. In short, make sure it is in writing, always seek legal advice, and protect yourself, company, and design. Keeping those three things at the forefront of your planning will safe you a headache down the road.




July 23, 2013

Mid-Pitch & Showcase

This evening we had the opportunity to showcase our businesses and give our pitches to a broad audience of people from different communities. It was great to be able to be able to present our ideas, and at the same time, get feedback on our progress and presentation skills. I received an immense amount of feedback about the online resource center. Everyone that came up to me after the presentation was really excited about my idea and saw a need for it.





July 18, 2013


This evening was a three hour crash course on graphic design, website tips, and branding. I learned cheap easy ways to launch a presentable website. Liron, a graphic designer at Umass Lowell, provided honest feedback on our logos. Below are some general comments and thoughts on tonights class.

1. Graphic Design makes your buisness come to life.

2. Stick to the same color schemes for everything.

3. Font usage is important.

4. Understand brand position.

5. Do not jump into social media because you feel you have to. Take your time and understand you want to do and which sources you want to utilize.




Accouting 101

July 16, 2013

MFA, a local accounting firm, went through the accounting process in the most simplistic form possible. The class discussed: the importance of understanding accounting, start-up consideration, operations and strategies, and most importantly, understanding financial statements.

The most valuable piece of today’s class was going through financial statements and understanding what role each statement plays in a business.






Prepping Your Pitch

July 11, 2013

No matter how prepared I am, standing in front of an audience always makes me nervous. This evening, Todd Frye, spoke to the class on how to approach your pitch. Techniques when standing in front of an audience and basic information you  should have in every pitch.

Todd stressed the importance of preparing actively: Have your mind work as a listener, assemble your talk as you prepare stand up, tape your session but be careful, familiarize yourself with the space, and prepare early.

The most valuable piece of this evening was when Todd asked certain individuals to stand up and present the "pitch". It was helpul to place myself in the mindset of the audience and the presenter. While I did not personally present my pitch, I learned a lot from watching others present.