Operation Delta Dog

Web: www.operationdeltadog.org
Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Operation Delta Dog is a nonprofit organization with a mission to rescue shelter dogs and train them to work as service dogs for U.S. military veterans who suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). The dogs get the homes they need, and the veterans get the help they deserve!


February 1, 2013

I just stumbled across a great new start-up that was “cooked” by Start-X, an Accelerator program run by Stanford University. The company makes Roominate, a build-your-own dollhouse toy that encourages right-brain play and building skills—it even has wiring for lights, etc. The company was started by three young women who wanted to inspire the next generation of female engineers and entrepreneurs. Pretty cool! They raised $85,000 through Kickstarter and also received some Angel Funding. So far they have sold more than 2,000 Roominate kits at $59 each. Love that story. Here’s the website: 


Here in Operation Canine territory, it was another busy week. Todd’s presentation about… well, presentations, was especially fun and inspiring. I also added another talented person to my advisory board and had a long-awaited visit to the VA Hospital in Bedford. Elizabeth Price is the case worker for thousands of Massachusetts veterans; she gave me the skinny on the local situation, offered to set up meetings with veterans she knows who have service dogs, and agreed to work with OC on the pilot program and beyond. It was a wonderful meeting and I’m looking forward to many more.

I also met with Jill O’Connell at the Lowell Humane Society, who was very supportive of OC’s efforts and eager to get involved. She had several specific bits of advice for dealing with shelters that will come in very handy as I move forward. I also touched base with my mentors during the week with specific questions; they were each quick to research/respond. The four of us just planned our next (and final?) meeting, which is slightly bittersweet for me. When the program ends, I will miss those regular mentoring sessions.

Meanwhile, I have two books I’m eager to crack open: one about fundraising for nonprofits, and another about grantwriting. I seem to learn best by reading, so I’m hopeful they will be like a mini-seminar on those very important topics.