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mino by ParaWare, LLC

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

ParaWare, LLC created the mino shoe wear sensor that shows runner when their shoes are worn out so they don't get hurt.


Bootstrapping and Brenna

Although it was not a big topic in our Sandbox sessions, Brenna had talked about boot-strapping, finding alternative solutions to problems without spending money.  She used empty cardboard boxes to manage her orders and picks on the manufacturing floor.  We needed a container to organize the circuit boards during epoxy and organizing the final assmebly.  We went to the dollar store and bought $1 cookie trays to keep our orders organized.  This tray is for Capital City Runner - who just opened another store.  I wonder how that will effect their next order?

Thinking outside the Box

Our lead mentor had asked us to think outside our own business plan - get connected to peers in the same space and see what they are doing.  We reconnected with Mike Neubauer (Dir of Operations Dry+Goods) whose company is 2 years ahead of ours.  Although his market enterance was the same (through run-specialty stores), he has pulled ahead with a strong pull strategy.  He is finding great success in driving retailer interest by establishing end-consumer demand.  His product shows very well at races, major sport events, and at fitness expos.  Maybe we can co-show at a marathon in Florida.

We will colaborate with him as we startup our consumer pull stategy.  He may turn out to be the hidden gem we have been looking for.

Just a shout out to Mike:

Aaron and Russ

Took advice of guest Entrepeneurs to use testimonials as Joe and Parul suggested, and put up a testimonial on our website.

Take a look:


Our mentors asked us to blast our Social Media by getting a social media intern. We did...

Intorducing Erin Ernest -

Not only is she a runner, she lives on the South Shore, and she is our target audience.  

We are glad to have her on board.

BTW - Russ found her on Craig's list.

Russ just got our 5th customer - SPARK RUNNING in Severna Park, Maryland.  This is great for two reasons:

1. She loves the idea and will use it for a Couch-2-5K kit (bigger orders)

2. She paid credit card - cash now is king for a startup.