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Merrimack Valley Time Exchange

Class: 2014 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

The Merrimack Valley Time Exchange (MVTE) is a new "time bank" program at the Coalition for a Better Acre." Community members can sign up to become members of the MVTE and after a reference check can choose to exchange services, skills and resources through the "time economy." Members set up profiles listing services they are offering and those they are requesting, they earn "time credits" for providing services to other members and can spend these credits to get services they need from any other member of the time exchange. One hour of service is always worth one unit of credit. As the program grows and new members join the services offered through the exchange become more and more diverse. For more information call Joy Mosenfelder at 978-452-7523 x 815 or email

02/11/2014 09:53 AM
Need to develop a strategic plan for sustainability and growth. Need to solidify membership policies and orientation procedures. Need to develop a sustainable funding strategy. Need to develop a comprehensive, replicatable, recruitment strategy. Need to diversify and solidify governance structure and have a succession plan. Need new members, funding, and broader exposure in the community. I need help with updating my website better using it as a tool to engage my members.


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Accelerator Exercise

List the Relevant Attributes of Your Product or Service?

  • Matching the needs and skills of members to each other
  • Giving people an alternative way to get services without spending money
  • Giving people a way to connect with each other
  • Giving organizations a way to reward volunteers
  • Giving organizations a way to connect to skilled volunteers

Issue: Which of these attributes are more important, which are less important to your customer/Client?

Surveys with many options are inconsistent and don't accurately reflect what a user values over time. If you design a study with a forced choice the data is more likely to accurately reflect the weight customers give to different attributes.

Price cannot be one of the attributes, you want to look at price seperately. 

Sunk Investment - money that you have already spent 

Everything you do around pricing should be analytical.