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Merrimack Analysis Group

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

Online identity and security. Seminars for student groups, parent groups, job seekers, and senior citizens that help explain the ins and outs of digital footprint. Proprietary analytic software to review social media profiles. Consulting engagements by request.


During our session today, the subject of video testimonials came up.  

I quietly kicked myself a little, because this is something we have talked about, but have not executed on.  It provides a tremendous amount of social proof, and also gives us an opportunity to take advantage of the "post-seminar buzz" effect.  Typically, immediately following one of our engagements, a certain percentage of attendees stick around afterwards to chat.

They excitedly offer up ideas about places we could go next, introductions they could make, testimonials they could write, etc.  And then they leave.  

At some point on the way home, they realize they forgot to buy Tide, they need to pay the National Grid bill, and their Aunt Sally's birthday is next week.

And whatever they said just after the seminar stopped being so important.  

I've already learned that giving someone my business card is nowhere near as good as getting theirs, in terms of the likelihood of sustained follow-up.  Still, even after incorporating that Lesson Learned, I haven't found a way to *capture* that immediate buzz before it dissipates.

Video testimonials, however, might be the answer.  I might have to feel out the best way to approach people about this, but at the very least I can give it a shot.  I'll start with tomorrow afternoon in Swampscott.  

The testimonial(s) do not need to be long.  Nor do they need to be technically-sound (my iPhone should do the trick).