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Class: 2014 Winter Accelerator

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Meetcaregivers is a unique online platform that helps families connect and find pre-screened and qualified caregivers to care for their aging parents. We are using video technology to make the process easier, safer and less expensive. Users are able to watch video profiles of pre-screened and qualified caregivers talking about their experiences, skills, personalities, backgrounds etc. Making it easier, safer and less expensive to hire the perfect caregiver.

01/23/2014 01:24 PM
Looking for an introduction to someone at Mass Health and Metlife (or other insurance companies)


Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Last night’s mid-pitch was a success. The room was full of current Winter Accelerator start-up finalists, business mentors, friends, families, and the Sandbox team. 

The evening started with the room set up from 4-5pm, entrepreneur meet-up from 5-6pm, and 3 minute pitches from 6-8pm. Almost all the finalists came in early to set up their display tables. Clearly some people in this Winter Accelerator Program have more decorative talents than others. I must admit that I am a bad decorator -- lucky my partner, Debbie Kenny, is much better at it!


Visitors went around the tables to hear entrepreneur finalists talk more about their businesses and innovations, from “Help Around Town” to “Delightful Surprise Sweets.” There were also some Sandbox alums that came to show support. Lydia Sisson from Mill City Grown talked about her Sandbox experience and how it helps her business move forward with the help of the Sandbox team and mentors.                                                      

What I really enjoyed the most during the 3 Minute Mid-Pitch was seeing all the progress that many finalists, including our own team, made the last 2 months. Many startups have refined their businesses, changed their customer targets or completely pivoted their start-ups. It was clear that all the start-up finalists are working very hard to take their businesses off the ground, acquire paying customers, find strategic partners and move forward.


I was very much impressed by all the efforts that all the teams put into preparing for their mid-pitches, but also by their passion. Who can forget the fashionista and fearless pitch of Valerie Leikina from Faux Pas or the very heart-warming pitch of Marieke Slovin from story to song?


What people don’t know is that we all spent days preparing and getting ready for this 3 minute pitch.  Right before the evening event started, you could see different teams practicing at each corner of the room. What’s great about this group is that we all seem to get along very well, and are very supportive of each other. It‘s amazing how people can bond so quickly. I remember seeing Mickey from Catie’s Closet practice with Susu from Tomo360. Debbie and I were practicing in the kitchen when Cheryl Hajjar from The Indigo Pixies joined us. 

3 minutes might seem short, but it took Meetcaregivers team time to figure out what we wanted to talk about, and make sure that we clearly talked about our business, the issue we are solving, and how we are going to succeed.  I might have been the person who pitched, but it was certainly a team effort that included Meetcaregivers’s team members and all our 3 mentors.

It was a great experience for our team. Looks like all the attendees had a lot of fun, enjoyed the evening, and made good connections. See you all at the Final Pitch, I know it’s going to be epic.