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Class: 2014 Winter Accelerator

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Meetcaregivers is a unique online platform that helps families connect and find pre-screened and qualified caregivers to care for their aging parents. We are using video technology to make the process easier, safer and less expensive. Users are able to watch video profiles of pre-screened and qualified caregivers talking about their experiences, skills, personalities, backgrounds etc. Making it easier, safer and less expensive to hire the perfect caregiver.

01/23/2014 01:24 PM
Looking for an introduction to someone at Mass Health and Metlife (or other insurance companies)


Meetcaregivers at The innovation Health mixer at Lauren Hospital

The innovation health mixer at Lauren Hospital was a success.  Besides the 1 hour and half hour traffic it took me to get there. Lawrence General is located few minutes away from Exit 45 off Route 495.

When I got to the event at 6.10pm, the room was already packed and most of the startup innovators already set up their tables, and were talking to the attendees.

I set my table right next to Katie’s closet and Drainage wear Teams. I put out a computer, Meetcaregivers brochures, business cards, and a big box of Snickers. I got the idea to bring snacks from an e-mail that Lester Sydney (Sandbox's operations Manager) sent out. That was a success because at the end of the event, half of the chocolate was gone; you can never go wrong with chocolate. I got to talk to everyone who stopped at my table to either grab a chocolate, or find out more about Meetcaregivers.  I also walked around to chat with other entrepreneurs who were displaying their innovations.

At 7 pm, the following speakers started their speeches.

-Lee B. Kane, EcoCzar of Whole Foods Market (North Atlantic Region)
-Thomas Bean, Co-Founder of SPARK Academy 
-Nicholas S. Zaharias, Vice President for Advancement at Lawrence General Hospital

The speakers talked about how excited they were to see startups bringing innovation. They also worked hard at making sure that the big corporations they represent continue to encourage and welcome new ideas.

It was a success; I got to talk to representatives from Lowell Hospital, and Lawrence Hospital (Nicolas Zaharia). He recommended that we get in contact with the Lawrence hospital care management department and figure out how we can make it possible for families who are caring for their aging parents in the Lawrence, Merrimack Valley area to know about Meetcaregivers.


I’m looking forward to staying in touch with everyone I met at the event!