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Lowell Naturalization and Citizenship Services

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

We offer assistance with filling the N-400 Naturalization Form AND a 10 set Civics Class to prepare you for the Interview/Naturalization Test. Legal Permanent Residents who have their green cards for 5 years or are married to U.S. Citizens for 3 years, are eligible to become American Citizens.


Continuing on Thurs 

Todd Fry Sppech and Pitch class


I have never been shy. Public Speaking is not a problem for me. I thought this class may not be as important as some of the other ones..

Little did I know. Everything is important!

I've done some speeches, notably the one for Victoria's Good-bye party. I even wrote that one. I represented the staff. I spoke on a National Conference in Washington DC and so forth, but what I learned today is that

Speech is DIFFERENT than Pitch

I did not have to sell anything with any of my speeches, but my pitch will have to sell my business! A whole other ball game.

With that in mind I have rewritten  everything I had before. Not completely done, not perfect but a draft which I now understand is much better than before.

Well Todd you will be the judge.