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Lowell Naturalization and Citizenship Services

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

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We offer assistance with filling the N-400 Naturalization Form AND a 10 set Civics Class to prepare you for the Interview/Naturalization Test. Legal Permanent Residents who have their green cards for 5 years or are married to U.S. Citizens for 3 years, are eligible to become American Citizens.



I keep forgetting to write about Samir from Green Bikes of Lowell. His advice about has been a godsend and so useful!

Used twice so far with great results! Thanks for telling us. So many things out there, so little time to know all about it.   everything for $5   Redid a menu bar and installed Google Analytics. Easy for some, but hard for me. $10 was definitely worth it.

It would take me hours trying to figure it out. Not a computer person. Not a total idiot but I have a limit.


Last Sandbox Class was all about legal information. Something clearly lacking for me. I have not yet secured a lawyer nor do I have one in mind. I should ask my fellow entrepeneurs who they use if any because I don't have any lawyer friends around here.

One thing I understood to be of the utmmost importance is a Disclaimer or Waiver, such as one which will clearly state that I just write the paperwork as stated by my client. In the event of a problem, I am not to be blamed for.    I'm looking for templates on the web. Steve Coleman told us that we can do it ourselves.

I am also resolved that sometime in the near future I will change my Sole Proprietor label to LLP. I do not feel confortable with the Sole Proprietor label anymore.  

We talked about investors - Venture vs Angels.. I understand now what both mean but don't believe I am or maybe will be the kind of outfit that either Venture or Angels are interested in investing.  So far I have not borrowed from anyone either, whether family or friends, so no "angels' in my near future. In any case, paper, paper, paper!!! Always in writing.

need to get to my disclaimer ASAP! 


DISCLAIMER IS DONE!!!!! Have made my own waiver based on internet models.  











I have an AD coming in the Brazilian Newspaper called  "Brazilian Times" . Here it is! I'm so thrilled. Should be in either this week or next.



Brad Durbin - ubersimple
Congrats on your newspaper ad! (Sadly, I can not read it myself) It's great to see your name in print! Hopefully your prospects will reach out to you more!



Accounting and Taxes class

I had a 8 week Financial Boot Camp classes @ Merrimack Valley Small Business. We had very in depth info on accounting, taxes, and subjects covered in this class. Still a good review for me.

Ron gave a suggestion for COGS - services which I will definitely use from now on because that has been a difficulty for me and his advice made a ton of sense for me. 

Continuing on Thurs 

Todd Fry Sppech and Pitch class


I have never been shy. Public Speaking is not a problem for me. I thought this class may not be as important as some of the other ones..

Little did I know. Everything is important!

I've done some speeches, notably the one for Victoria's Good-bye party. I even wrote that one. I represented the staff. I spoke on a National Conference in Washington DC and so forth, but what I learned today is that

Speech is DIFFERENT than Pitch

I did not have to sell anything with any of my speeches, but my pitch will have to sell my business! A whole other ball game.

With that in mind I have rewritten  everything I had before. Not completely done, not perfect but a draft which I now understand is much better than before.

Well Todd you will be the judge.