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Little Leaders

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Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

Little Leaders is a family child care that supports healthy growth and development for children in the Lawrence community and serves as a training and empowering space for young parents to become self-employed educators.



     First night of the accelarator and we dove right into things!  I was feeling excited to be a part of the Sandbox and meeting all the finalists.We kicked off the night with introductions. Hearing everyone's business ideas gave me a sense of pride to be in a room with such motivated individuals. The ideas ranged from services helping women entreprenuers, college students, to a robotic feeding arm! Such a wide range of services and products but we all share the same passion and dedication to becoming self employed and successful entreprenuers. 

    The second half of the night gave us a chance to meet potential mentors and share our ideas with a panel. This part was both challenging and gave us a sense of how intense the rest of the 11 weeks were going to be. My biggest take away from the night was hearing the mentors provide me with encouraging and positive feedback. 

    I'd like to give a special shout out to Claudia Espinola, Founder & CEO of Casa Couture and Bill Peregoy, Founder of Lawrence Yoga Collective for sharing their inspirational stories with us.