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KEO Homemade Ice Cream

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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Homemade premium vegan ice cream: - non-dairy, gluten and lactose-free, rich and creamy, using high quality ingredients. The ice cream is perfect for anyone with allergies to dairy, wheat, soy, have celiac disease or who are vegan and traditional ice cream eaters as well because it taste great. The company mission is to provide a wholesome and delicious treat that nourishes the mind, body and spirit, while respecting the environment and all living things.


I went to bed happy, I woke up happy! Now that my final presentation is over I feel a thousand pounds lighter. Can’t believe 12 weeks flew by but at the same time it feels though it has been a very long tough journey! That’s probably because I did so much and made great progress. I can’t help feeling extremely appreciative of my mentors. They are the backbone of all my accomplishments here. In the midst of all this I found that my time is the most valuable thing so for my mentors to volunteer their time, effort and support, it speaks VOLUME of them!!! And I find that very inspiring. I’m beyond humbled to be a part of all this. Sandbox is a great platform and this morning I felt every single letter in the term “accelerator” in my bone :) And how great is Sandbox staff! Lianna is so support with motherly demeanor and I may have gained a few pounds with all delicious food she fed us ;). Emil always makes us feel like celebrity flashing his camera all the time. And of course David and Raj are always ready to give advice, help think things through.

So now the hard work begins. Fulfilling customer orders, finding resources to put all the pieces together for a successful launch will probably be the most challenging milestone of my business. But everything seems so simple every time someone say “I’m lactose intolerant but thanks to you I can eat really tasty ice cream”, or “it’s one of the best ice cream I’ve ever had” and she doesn’t even have any food allergy.

Looking forward to the ceremony!