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KEO Homemade Ice Cream

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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

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Homemade premium vegan ice cream: - non-dairy, gluten and lactose-free, rich and creamy, using high quality ingredients. The ice cream is perfect for anyone with allergies to dairy, wheat, soy, have celiac disease or who are vegan and traditional ice cream eaters as well because it taste great. The company mission is to provide a wholesome and delicious treat that nourishes the mind, body and spirit, while respecting the environment and all living things.


What a long two weeks it has been!! Though I got a decent amount of work accomplished I always feel the pressure that I’m behind so I push and push myself constantly.  My goals are coming along well. I’ve reached out to my target market and started doing assumptions test. With all the pressure, stress, and insecurities about starting something new, I felt an adrenaline rush of excitements and an indescribable feeling of rewards for being so welcome and praised by potential customers while testing my markets. These people are genuinely happy for me and want to buy my product. How cool is that?!

I’ve been reading quite a bit about rules and regulations for food manufacturing facility. I finally finish writing the SSOP and GMPs for my to be company production guidelines. Still have the HACCP plan to do. I can’t wait to get to the point that I can start producing ice cream for sale!

This past Thursday was probably my favorite session so far. Desh is great with people connection. He’s down to earth, humble, and has this kindness aura. But what’s great is that he has the ability to make things seem simple and resonate using clever analogies.

I love Professor Ken Zolot of MIT story about his snow shoveling business as a kid. It was funny and the lesson behind is very powerful. Just because you built it doesn’t mean they will come. Ask to see who will come then build it base on those people’s needs.

Looking forward to coming weeks classes but kind of sad that it’s almost have done already. Cheese and crackers! Cry

I don’t like blogging and not sure if I’ll ever get used to it but I enjoyed Bobbi Carlton lecture on the importance of social media and tips, tricks and trade of PR and marketing.  Now I just need to learn how to create retweetable tweets. :)

Wednesday was hands-on with Joseph Jolly. He is the CEO of Plenus Group Inc. His company makes one of the best clam chowda!  He gave me a personal tour of his manufacturing facility. I learned about production line, work safety environment and he gave me sample of some of the forms he uses to comply with regulations.  Cooking up anything is easy. Challenges are all the red tapes. The tour helps me to understand the overall manufacturing process and will help in writing SSOP, good manufacturing practices, safety hazard plans and all the other fun documents and forms. Yay! Well, more like, yikes! Thanks a bunch for the tour Joe! Appreciate it!

We turned in our three goals Thursday and presented in class. Thanks for my mentors and group feedback my new goals make a lot more sense. So much to do so little time, pressure is on!

Oh yeah, someone called asking where my store is located because he wants to buy some coconut ice cream. He saw me on Lowell LTC TV. I told him I’ll be happy to give him some free samples for now. It was kind of random news so I thought I’d share it hehe.

I’ve been working non-stop and feel so exhausted. Looking forward to much needed rest and clear my mind with some horror movies! Yes, horror movies! I've always been fascinated with things beyond life, things that I don’t understand and that are scary or used to be. I get so in tune, my mind clears everything out. And I need that to get that creative juice flowing again. Thanks to alien, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies and demons I can sleep better at night :)

Wishing my mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and sandbox staff a safe and wonderful holiday and a prosperous new year!

It was nice to kick it down a notch at this week Tuesday night class and connect more with my fellow finalists. They are genuine and try to help each other out. Technically it’s a competition but to me it feels more like an entrepreneurship support group. They’re great. And good thing I brought to class samples because I received good compliment which is a great motivation along with insightful feedback on what flavors to market, what my customers are looking for and how I can differentiate my product better.

Wednesday night was live interview on LTC Lowell with Bunrith Sath. This was my first interview and needless to say I didn’t do well. But I had fun, Bunrith is the man, got to hang out with the cool guys of FOB Lifestyle & Apparel and I learned where I need improvement.  Practice, practice, practice!

Thursday night class was very conducive! Bill Contente of Gesmer Updergrove  LLP talked about forming an entity, intellectual property and liability. He answered all of our legal questions and a very down to earth guy too!

I also met with my four mentors on Thursday. It was a lot of material but productive meeting! They are so willing to help. I feel very lucky! All I have to say is I want to be like them when I grow up. Smile

The weekly classes have been helpful. So much to learn and do. I've been working really hard non-stop but still have alot more to accomplish. So glad that Sandbox is here to hold my hands and light the paths more clearly so I can see where I need to walk. And I feel a little more safe now that I'm officially an LLC company. The best news for this week is that CropCircle Kitchen has confirmed that they can accommendate me. Yay! So, next is getting insurance, board of health inspection-license, searching for equipment and someone to design the container. I welcome and appreciate all suggestions! :)

Last night kick-off was informative! Love it!

There are so much involved in starting up a business. With that, my agenda for the next few weeks or so is to redesign logo then trademark it, become an LLC company, seek distribution center, have design container for various flavors, work on crowd funding campaign, look into equipment, become servsafe certified and get business cards. Let's see how much I get done for December.. Stay tune for progress updates!