Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

A mentor and funding platform for women entrepreneurs.


 On Wednesday, July 24, 2013, we invited four social media experts to the program to share with us and sixty other guests about techniques and tips in marketing businesses with social media tools. They were:


Bobbie Carlton: Founder, Carlton PR and Marketing and Mass Innovation nights

Roberto Del: Founder,

Trish: VP of community and customer experience, Vsnap

Sopheak Sam: Co-founder, FOB lifestyle and apparel and Brand Coordinator


Social media tools they talked about are: Fb, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube

Bobbie is really interested in Linkedin. She also uses Google+ because it helps inbound links. Google is the strongest search engine, so using Google+ is a good tool to help your Search Engine Optimization. Her advice on using social media tools are:

  • Think of your audience and target to use different social media

  • Pick and choose your social media tools because it is so massive. Focus on the thing that you pick, take others as secondary social media tools to make it alive, but not really focus on it.

  • Building followers is to build real people, constantly giving support to the audience. Provide them something they need, something they want.

  • Using google ad is a good way to test your market.

  • Word grammar and spelling checks are REALLY IMPORTANT because those mistakes can make other people think you are illiterate.

  • Start something that you are going to use, not start something and then abandon it.

  • The Linkedin paid version is not that much more effective unless you are a recruiter.

  • Auto tweet is really dangerous.


Roberto uses Twitter more than others because he thinks it is easy to follow. He also uses tumblr because it is followed by a lot of young people. He also agree with Bobbie that using too many platforms will dilute your messages, so businesses should choose the social media where your target customers are.

Trish also uses mainly Twitter because it is easier to send message to someone you do not know. She is also interested in Google+, especially google hangout which is convenient for everyone with chat, videos,etc. Her advices on using Twitter are:

  • Show passion, enthusiastic, helpful to the audience.

  • Take in consideration of personal brand, your personal social.

  • Be careful to make sure your own social media and the company's social media are SEPARATE.


Sopheak uses mainly Facebook because it is the number one social media at this time. Like other experts, he also focuses on real contacts instead of just the number.


After the talks, four experts separated into different groups to talk to one or several Sandbox finalists about their social media performance at the present. Jumply was chosen to talk to Trish about Twitter. Her advice for Jumply were:

  • Ask your friends to follow it.

  • Have a good face/present on it.

  • Make people feel special. Interact with people on twitter, follow them, ask them questions, reply to their questions even they are not business related. Having 100-200 followers that are interactive are even better than 2000 followers. Try to respond to the questions within 1 hour.

  • Have hashtags but 2 at maximum

  • Having videos and pictures is better than not.

  • Reach out to people personally if they are potential customers.

  • Follow everyone that follow us.

  • Check the city you are in and try to organize the meeting with followers in that city

  • Create videos on special days like “mother's day”, “July 4”, etc,


The event ended successfully and we learned so muchfrom the experts especially Trish, who talked to us a lot about Twitter and Jumply’s current Twitter page
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