Team Members

i4class LLC

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

I4class is a web based learning system that makes teachers and students more effective and engaged both in and out of the classroom.



- Put together new takeaway sheet. Sent to Raj and Pat for feedback.

- Met with mitch sanders, the investor from the piranha pond that was interested in my product. He did some back of the napkin type financials and sent me away with a number of to-do's.

- Met with David Parker to get his advice on the following topics that I was in the dark about. I am now much more enlightened.  

         - Owners stock

         - Equity – employees vs investors

         - Valuation

          - Blogging

          - Compensating people who have helped me in the past for free.


8-16-13 social impact 

The following are my notes from the social impact session

- Very impactful. Brenna Schneider is truly and inspiration to entrepreneuship. Her dedication and commitment not only to her business but to her ideals is remarkeable. Also, her faith in herself and that everythign is going to work out ok in the face of incredible difficulty is extraordinary. She is the kind of person that you beleive in and will follow not matter what the odds.

- I am now rethinking my mission statement and will address the values




8-14-13 Entrepreneurs  - Tell all 2

The following are my notes for the 2nd tell all session

Joe – medical devices – gradeable – internet strategy



-       grade paper based quizzes and test by scanning them in

-       50 teachers testing –first paying customers this September

-       $75/yr per teacher

-       same technology as used by banks to read your check

need to ask for research she did on pain points

What drives principles – saving teachers time is not one of them

-       actionable documentation of student performance to show to parents does



helping doctors develop new products

-       current one is a suture

-       60% fundraising

-       40% managing engineers to develop product

-       asks the doctors to do initial funding



Create videos – lots of credibility


Networking is the only way to find the right investors


Don’t go it alone – don’t isolate yourself – build a support system