Team Members

i4class LLC

Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

I4class is a web based learning system that makes teachers and students more effective and engaged both in and out of the classroom.



Met jointly with Raj and Pat. We discussed the remaining weeks ofthe accelerator program  and developed a schedule of to-do's. 


8-8-13 Past entrepreneur tell all 1

The following are my notes from the past entrepreneurs session.


Tricia Blanchette –prior accelerator participant

Operation delta dog (previously operation canine)


David Parker

-       Bike messenger – bike stolen

-       Calendar for campus with advertising

-       Delphi internet – team not in synch – need strong leadership and values

-       Harvard engineers – software to enable a small company to get setup on internet. Why are you doing this? Just wanted to sell the company. Yahoo bought them.

-       Sound bite – 11 years to sell. Premise – email on the phone. Pay for with ad message at end of phone message. Pivot: business to send messages to consumers. Takes a long time to shift staff.