HPT Engineering

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Class: 2013 Summer Accelerator

Company Description

HPT Engineering specializes in developing innovative technologies for the assistive technology field. We make it our mission to increase mobility and rehabilitate those who suffer from weak core and leg strength. The assistive technology business is growing at an unconditional rate and we have developed and implemented a state-of-the art new technology, The Hybrid Power Tricycle (HPT). The HPT was designed for those who suffer from weak core and leg strength such as Cerebral Palsy and offers the user the ability to feel the freedom of mobility and the joy of riding a bicycle. The HPT may be outfitted for all age groups and can be distributed nationwide. HPT Engineering operates as a small business that relies on personal sales as our income. We aspire to outfit hospitals, rehabilitation centers, daycare centers, and households with the HPT to ensure those with poor core and leg strength may receive the best possible product for treatment and rehabilitation. The assistive technology market is constantly changing and HPT Engineering will ensure that each of our products are ahead of the curve.


On Tuesday 7/30, we heard from Steve Coleman, Akiyo Fujii, and Sean Doran, they are experts on law.  We heard lots of great tips and advice.  The biggest thing that I learned from them was to always make sure that everything can be traced back to a document.  We learned about the different types of business entites and why it is important.  Also I learned that networking and indsutry societies/organizations are very important (which I already knew), but it reinforced how important it can be.

On Thursday 8/1, we heard from Barrie Atkin and Dan Pullman, experts on raising capital and funding.  We learned most of where funding can come from and how to gain access to it.  The biggest take away I heard on Thursday is "Ask for money get advice, ask about advice and get money."  Also to always follow up after a meeting and ask for referrals to netwrok with more people so oportunities are not missed.