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Green Bikes of Lowell

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

A bicycle share program in Lowell, green and fun transportation. Along with a supporting web application to make bike sharing fun, unique, and affordable. The goal is to have bicycles around Lowell in Spring of 2013!!


2/5 – 2/12

Met with David Parker as a Mentor, David and I have had many conversations before but did not get to speak in great detail, so this was very helpful. We ended agreeing that my strategy for funding is appropriate and I should start going out there and asking for loans now! So I took his advice and started working hard on my Pitch Deck, but for specific people and businesses I have already spoken to but will now have more detailed questions to ask and a quality pitch because of feedback from the Mentors.


Met with my 3 mentors as a group. Was incredibly insightful, we spoke about

What are the deal breakers?


-user participation

-true cost of operations


Does pricing model allow profitability?

Push the survey out. GB needs market justification.

10 p slide deck (financials, project plan, timeline) to present to potential investors.