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Green Bikes of Lowell

Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

A bicycle share program in Lowell, green and fun transportation. Along with a supporting web application to make bike sharing fun, unique, and affordable. The goal is to have bicycles around Lowell in Spring of 2013!!


01/15 – 01/21

Just got out of a video interview at UML as part of their DIfference Maker campaign, talked about Green Bikes :)

I Skyped with the Director of Business Development at Social Bicycles.
Got some great feedback from him on the website. They are going to send me some updated pictures, and content, so I can make the website have less content and better context!

He will also send me their examples of what they are going to charge at the 3 locations they are in the process of launching which will help me.

Starting working on the crowd-funding campaign and the strategies to start it.

So the plan is to have the website done this week.
Starting to get prepared to talk to Investors.

I really need to work on a financial model and project plan.... I have basic numbers put together, but not organized...

Worked on the Pitch for the Pitch Event at the Sandbox, all my Mentors gave me great feedback on my Pitch both before and after the event and all 3 attended!

Finished a nice crisp image of some of the possible locations to launch the bikes, with feedback from Kamal, my Mentor. Now will need to meet with city officials to find out exactly where, and use the Map to collect data on the website from future riders.

Got interviewed by the Lowell Sun for an article.....

I am still adding what are my assumptions for getting each task done, and creating a Gantt Chart to show the TimeLine.

I feel like I got a lot accomplished! Feeling very excited about GreenBike's future!!

01/08 – 01/14

Attended the City’s 2025 Draft for the Master Plan meeting, and there were a number of people at the public meeting that said they knew something about bike sharing coming to Lowell when I mentioned it. Even some of the city officials I hadn’t met before would say, oh yeah Green Bikes, like no brainer. WOW! So word spreads I guess! Very cool! Now I need to be more pro-active about nourishing those relationships.

Got asked by Todd, Co-Executive Director for Community Engagement and Innovation at the Sandbox, if I was interested in presenting Green Bikes of Lowell at the Innovator Mixer on the evening of Feb. 20! AWESOME!!! What an Honor. As one of the Class members of the Sandbox’s 2013 Leadership Institute I learn a lot from others insight, and can’t believe the personal development I’ve already gone through being a part of it. I hope I can share my story and inspire others to go out and do good.

Finally finished a nice clean image of the locations I will launch the first phase of GreenBikes in Lowell, covering UML, the Acre, and Downtown, with all the possible locations on it to include on website. Also, figured out GoDaddy’s EasyDatabase Tool to be able to collect some survey data right off the website! Integrated into the site and tested it and it’s working very well. Will be able to use the website to collect data very soon!

Finding tons of interesting data on existing bike share programs.

I want to have Guided Tours for:

- Lowell Historical sites

- Museums in Lowell

- Trails

- Bike to Festivals

- Music concerts in the summer


01/01/13 – 01/07/13

Worked very hard with Pat, my Mentor and finally Finalized Pricing with her!

Started Working very hard on the website, created a "beta" online to have inspected by all my Mentors and by Social Bicycles. The website will have the following pages: Home, Locations, Services, Pricing, Safety, About, and Contact. It’s a lot to chew off, but it will be a key asset in marketing the business as well as collecting some key data in moving towards a launch!

Started “cold calling” after Desh’s advice and started getting some secondary research.


Figured out deliverables:

Phase Planning (strategy)

  • Community Outreach and Education (Marketing Plan)

o   Larger survey to estimate demand (survey-age, )

o   Development of a website for public engagement’

o   Define Target Market

o   Pricing plan, revenue model

o   Partners

  • Send out a Request for Proposals
  • Secure Funding (sponsorships, grants)
  • Determine Locations for Stations and Capacities


o   Additional survey of businesses to determine advance subscription potential that could defray capital costs

o   Funding/financial model Bike mfr LOI/terms

o   Identify best possible station network with an optimization analysis that maximizes the weighted averages of individual factors

o   Assess impact of increased bike traffic on road infrastructure

Signed NDA with the bicycle partner Social Bicycles, which will enable us to begin with discussing our contract and strategies I should approach and begin with. May even have a 100% full-working bicycle this month that will have working GPS and all! Which will be great to start testing the software’s capabilities within Lowell! Getting very excited, I feel like the Accelerator Program has finally really gone into high gear, don’t want it to end!


After reflecting on what Bobbi Carlton taught us about PR and marketing, I decided it was time to become a Twitter whiz… So no better way than to start tweeting, and so for the New Year, I will try to tweet everyday… I already missed a few, but I’m getting better at it, even had a few favored and retweeted. Follow us

Really started revamping strategies to reach customers… Going to discuss with Mentors and approach my first customer.

Finally finished the logo!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Now gotta order new business cards, maybe some tee-shirts!??