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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Alphamatician sifts through vast amounts of publicly available social data and other large datasets to find investment insights.


Beating the market has gotten harder over time!  "The Loser's Game" (, a famous essay written in 1975 by well known index fund advocate, Charles Ellis ( could have been written this week.  A recent book out, "Luck versus Skill in Investing: New Insights from the World of Sports and Beyond," by Michael Skocpol captures some of the came concepts. (Review:

To sum things up, the problem is that investors keep getting smarter and smarter.  There is an arms race of sorts.  Without continually becoming smarter, investing becomes more about luck than skill.

This is where Alphamatician comes in: New data points to beat the market.


We had the first meeting with the mentor team yesterday.  The dynamic is good, we've set some realistic goals, and it looks like we'll get a lot done!

The accelerator is off to a great start.  There are so many excellent mentors available!  I am looking forward to setting some goals for the program and to digging in. Perhaps along the way, I will get used to blogging...