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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Alphamatician sifts through vast amounts of publicly available social data and other large datasets to find investment insights.


Team building is on my mind today.  The titles and roles may evolve a bit, but below are two such positions that we are going to be working on filling in the near-term.

Database Architect and Administrator

Alphamatician is looking for a data manger and programmer to help with data collection, storage, and information processing.  Minimal requirements include: Proficiency with MySQL, PHP and Python; Expertise in data storage architecture; Experience with systems administration; Experience with very large datasets.  This position is based in Andover, MA.  Some work can be done remotely.

Front End Developer

Alphamatician is looking for a front-end developer to help with web based user interface and pre-processing tasks.  This position requires a strong background in creating interactive user interfaces.  This position also requires a strong knowledge of scalable vector graphics, canvas, and JavaScript.  This position is based in Andover, MA.  Some work can be done remotely.


We made a lot of progress last week. We continue to fine tune our target market segmentation, we've been getting some good product feedback, and we are working on a new pitch deck.  Thursday's Sandbox session was all about social impact.  At Alphamatician, this is more than just making lives better with our products and creating good jobs.  It goes to how we do business and the strategic decisions we make in building and growing this business.

The Sandbox provided a great, interactive session with Desh Deshponde and Ken Zolot. Much thanks to both for being generous with their time and insights! 

As anyone familiar with the lean startup approach might expect, there as was good consistent advice about knowing your customer and so on.  What resonated most with me, though was Desh's advice that "Entrepreneurship is a career choice, not a one time thing." 

A Boston based quant investment group sponsored a discussion this evening on using news sentiment in quantitative trading models. It was a great discussion about a hot topic.  Although news sentiment is not the strongest signal on its own, it is useful in conjunction with other factors. 

I has been an extremely busy week and a half without much down time.  The data keeps flowing in!  All the while, we got some important patent documents filed, made progress with the software, and continue to meet interesting people.

Last Tuesday's session was a good chance to get to know some fellow Sandbox finalists a little better. It's a good group with a diverse mix of businesses. Thursday's coverage of legal issues was spot on.  Rather than sticking to the script, the speaker answered a lot of specific questions about legal issues that affect startups.