Faux Pas

Class: 2014 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Faux Pas is a hybrid "Indie Fashion" marketplace and netflix for fashionistas. Instead of getting DVD's in the mail, our customer gets trendy, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that she can wear, enjoy, return, and then exchange for the next item on her que. Faux Pas offers shopaholics everywhere the ability to shop continuously, have endless variety in their wardrobe, relieve the environment, yet still keep more money in her pocket. Unlimited outfits, unlimited exchanges: one flat monthly rate.

02/05/2014 10:33 PM
contacts that are programers, mobil app developers, or web designers!


MVS’s How Great Leaders Inspire Action: Simon Sinek's Wisdom Meets Todd Fry’s Fabulous Stage Magic  


Your pitch begins the moment you're in the room


Monrose motivated sequence: problem, solution, action! Parallels Why-What-How. 


establish that problem exits and create a sense of agreement in the room


invite people to participate in a story


Don’t invite them to second guess your analysis; analytic part of people's minds are looking for reasons to be smarter than you


The purpose of the hands is to paint a picture for us in mid-air


Silence matters


change creates meaning and reinterests people


walking helps people visualize your train of thought


movements and ideas should be in sync


rhythm of the body and the rhythm of the mind should always be in sync!


you have a gift to give your audience! Enjoy it!