Ellie's CPR & First Aid Training, LLC

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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Ellie's CPR & First Aid Training is a small business in the area of Merrimack Valley that offers Training in CPR, AED and First Aid. We are part of American Heart Association. We teach the general public the skills that is needed in case of an emergency. People will obtain a two years certification.



Hello Everybody,


One more week has passed and I'll tell you everything I learned this week.

On tuesday we had an open day- this is a day where we don't have any outsite speakers. We talked about the Pitch from last week. 

I shared some of the things that I will consider when I do my next pitch.

  1. Don't overload myself with many things on the day 
  2. Always think that there can be trafic (due to an accident etc). Plan to come earlier. ( I was about 10 minutes late- my first)
  3. Wear shoes that you wore before
  4. Breath, breath, breath


I found this website helpful: http://bschool.pepperdine.edu/career/content/elevatorspeech.pdf


Few tips:

OUTLINE YOUR TALK - start an outline of your material using bullet points. You donʹt need to
add any detail at this stage; simply write a few notes to help remind you of what you really want
to say. They don’t need to be complete sentences.
You can use the following questions to start your outline:

1. Who am I?
2. What do I offer?
3. What problem is solved?
4. What are the main contributions I can make?
5. What should the listener do as a result of hearing this?

1. Take each note you made and write a sentence about it.
2. Take each of the sentences and connect them together with additional phrases to make
them flow.
3. Go through what you have written and change any long words or jargon into everyday
4. Go back through the re-written material and cut out unnecessary words.
5. Finalize your speech by making sure it is no more than 90 words long.

On Wednesday we went to Mass Innovation night at the Microsoft Nerd Center in Cambridge. It was very educational. I met different people with the same passion of moving forward with a great idea.

On Thursday we had a very educational night. We had Barrie Atkin, Founder & President of Atkin Associates. She talked about how to ask for money for your business. It could be donations from your family, friends, etc. 

This night an idea came to mind

This idea is  have some low imcome people from the Merrimack Valley train in CPR and First Aid. There are many people that don't take the course because they can't afford it. So I thought of asking few colleages and friends to donate certain amount of money in order for these people to learn the skill needed if an emergency comes. 

This week I also concentrated my time on defining all my customers. I'm still working on defining my customer segmentation. 

I'm Looking forward to the upcoming week to continue leaning from class, speakers, resources and mentors.