Ellie's CPR & First Aid Training, LLC

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Class: 2013 Winter Accelerator

Company Description

Ellie's CPR & First Aid Training is a small business in the area of Merrimack Valley that offers Training in CPR, AED and First Aid. We are part of American Heart Association. We teach the general public the skills that is needed in case of an emergency. People will obtain a two years certification.


I'm so so happy with my mentors. I got three experienced mentors who I know are going to help me so much during and after this program. 

I'm meeting with two of them tomorrow, and the other on Wednesday. Feeling very blessed right now. 


Tonight we had Roman Jaquez from EMC Corp. Roman talked to us about basic accounting. This talk was very important for me because I never had an accounting class before.  I learned alot about balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, interaction between statements and more. 

Note from Frank Carvalho, Executive Director of Mill City Community Investments

1. Every business has 5 VIP

You, accountant, lawyer, insurance agency and banker.




On this day I had the honor of meeting Sidd Goyal, Serial empreneur, Founder of Lean Start UP Challenge. 


What? What are you providing as a business and does it it help your customers do

Why? Why will a customer find value in your product or service and why is it different from what they are using today. 

He talked about hypothesis, interview and value proposition. 

One important thing that I learned is to start with 2 or 3 customer segments. 


On this day I met a great woman. A woman that just to hear her speak about what she does is very inspirational. Her name is Claudia Spinola, founder and CEO of Casa Couture. One of the things that impacted me that day was a little reminder to have a set vision and to stay focus. Claudia had a vision and she stayed true to that vision, this is what brought her to where she is right now. 

I also met Valerie Kijewski. One of the things that I wrote down from her talk is to stay motivaded, energized and not to get burn out. She also did a presentation that focused on customers. It made me think on who are my customers. I learned what a value proposition is, business model and more. 

I took this phrase home ' If you have something unique, you can't be compared to something else". 




11/28/2012- Mentor Mixer/One minute Pitch

This day I had mixed emotions! I was excited to meet all the mentors, but at the same time I was nervous to do a one minute pitch about our idea. It was the first time I was going to talk about my business in front of so many people. What I liked about this night was that everybody was on the same page. All the mentors took their time to talk to us, ask questions and share their professional back round and experience. They gave me many advices. Almost at the end of the night-something very impressing happened. One particular mentor sat with me for about 20 minutes. It was fascinating to listen to some of his advice. To top everything off, he shared with me that in the morning he was at a meeting in Lawrence. It turned out that on that meeting he met my husband Queyron.