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Since Confidence Covers are a unique patent pending product people don't know they exist therefore people are not "looking" for them on the internet. We need capital to help fund a widespread awareness campaign which includes: PR, advertising, SEO, identifying key words for Google Adwords, social media, etc. I am attempting many of these thing now but the company needs a more aggressive push. Mother's Day in May is a busy time for medical alert devices and I would like Confidence Covers to be known so that perhaps more seniors will adopt the medical alert device; since there is often "resistance". A Confidence Cover could perhaps help relieve some of the tension.

02/08/2014 01:34 PM
I went to the CES-Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January and met with ADT who likes the covers and they sent me some of their help buttons. I designed custom covers for the buttons which they are now evaluating. They could 1) sell the covers on their website; 2) give a cover as a gift to people who refer a friend (choice of 5 to chose from); 3) give a cover to existing customers as a "thank you" for their loyalty; or 4) give a cover to new subscribers as an enticement to come to ADT for the medical alert safety and service. I am planning on contacting all the leading medical alert companies to discuss these options. Confidence Covers could provide specific branding and exclusive designs for each company. I envision that people will like to collect the covers and have different ones for various occasions. Confidence Covers provides pride and can help to save a life!


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