Who Should Use Push Ads and Why Is It a Must-Have for You?

You can return a user to the site in at least 3 ways: e-mail delivery, SMS sending, retargeting.

You must be familiar with all these methods. But what have you heard about push notifications? For example, some consider push-notifications a useful tool, while others think that this development is not needed by anyone. Let's figure out what it is, how it works, and who should use push advertising. So, let's begin. Push notifications are pop-up windows on the device screen that inform you of important events. They are divided into two types: browser-based and mobile.

Who Will Find Push Notifications Very Useful?

Is it a good idea to use the benefits of push advertising network for you? Check which advantages it can offer and who can benefit most.

  • Online Stores. Push notifications can work to stimulate sales. For example, you can send advertising messages about discounts on certain products. In order to be more effective from such notifications, you need to pre-segment the audience.
  • News portals and blogs. Many media are already using this technology. Agree, it is very convenient to receive notifications of the latest news and articles in thematic blogs. Therefore, if you periodically publish interesting articles, then set yourself push-notifications to the site.
  • Sites with statistics and figures. There are sites that provide statistical data, for example, changes in exchange rates, stock prices, etc. For some business areas, such information is simply necessary and will not be superfluous.

Pros Push Ads Have Compared to Other Promotion Tools

How can browser-based push notifications be of interest to Internet marketers and business owners?

First of all, this is an alternative method of forming a subscriber base in comparison with an email-list. If you compare email and push notifications, then push notifications have their advantages, namely:

  • It's easy to subscribe. To subscribe to push notifications, simply click on one button in the browser's pop-up window - and the subscription is made.
  • High percentage of delivery and transitions. According to some estimates, the percentage of delivery of push notifications is up to 90%, and the percentage of visits to sites by push notifications reaches up to 50%.
  • Just connect. In order to enable sending push notifications on your site, it's enough to install only a few lines of code on it.
  • It is convenient to send. You can set up automatic series.
  • Web push notifications can be used by the Internet marketer for different purposes. Here are just a few of the options: trigger notifications, sales, news, reminders, congratulations.

Push notifications are the fastest way to collect subscribers, which requires virtually no labor. But such notifications will only be effective if you use the right approach to their creation. If you do not have time to closely engage in such mailings, it is better not to install this tool on your site.