What Should You Know Before Betting?

A well thought-out bet, whether on football, or on Dota 2 is a product of mental labor. Many people, often do not pay enough attention to small details, and unobvious factors. But more importantly, at this stage of the development of cyber sport betting, most bookmakers also neglect some variables. In this article, we will tell you about the main aspects that generally affect the results in cybersport matches.

In fact, e-sports in many matters resembles most classical sports, including, in terms of an analytical approach to the consideration of objects. Let's highlight the general factors that influence the outcome of the match at https://dota2betz.com/ and other sites.

Personal Skills

The first thing to consider, mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant or Amer al-Barkavi - is an objective level of personal gaming skills, we can say - "starter pack". This factor is one of the most important, regardless of whether the team is a discipline or an individual one. Of course, in 1x1 mode (Starcraft II, Gwent, Warcraft III), the personal skill is the only total factor that determines the outcome of the match. In team disciplines, this is a bit leveled by strategy and team play, but it is also a significant aspect. A high level of threat emanating from a particular player makes opponents draw more forces and attention, unleashing their hands strategically.


Do not underestimate the factor of moral stability and psychology. How many people break down at a critical, decisive moment? How many emotions overwhelm, and now, the hand trembled, and you gave your ultimate ability to emptiness. Evaluation of the moral stability of the player (team) allows us to assume the development of events in the upcoming fight. An interesting fact is that if in "solo" disciplines everything depends on a specific person, then in team ones - one person can spoil the atmosphere in the whole team.

Sometimes, a huge abyss in many components between rivals is compensated for only by one - a very uncomfortable style of playing against the underdog against a particular player, or team. Sometimes, it can cause significant inconvenience to the favorite, so you should not neglect this factor.


Before you bet on the chosen match, you should pay attention to how important a particular meeting is for the opponents. For one, this can be a match of life and death: for the second, the upcoming game will not solve anything at all. The answer to the question "who will put more effort?" is obvious. Circumstances can be very different: from the importance of the meeting, to the tournament load and cash reward. In any case, leaving such an aspect without attention is a bad idea.

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